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I'm the girl who passes going out just so she can cry over a book. 

I'm the girl who yells in the cinema when the movie gets it oh-so-wrong.

I'm the girl who isn't afraid to tell you if she hated a book.

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

I didn't like it.


- I didn't enjoy the style of writing. It annoys me when the writing appears sloppy, rushed and underplanned. To me it felt like it Yancey had a beginning and an end and just filled it out with rambling.


- The characters seemed weak to me. I don't like being told how the characters are feeling all the time. I like being drawn in and made to feel what they do and I rarely got that in this book.


- I kind of felt that there were a few different end of the world ideas and they were all rolled in to one.

- Boring romance (if you can even call it that)... I don't think romance was needed. The only emotion I managed to have was distrust for Evan. It was really, really hard to push through the romance sections without skimming over. And really, the poorly put together love triangle...


- Everyones POV (without actually knowing who we were reading!) I really don't think we needed the little brothers point of view. I felt like I was reading a children's novel. I think the other ones were needed, but maybe (even the first time we read) it might have been nice to be hinted at who were were reading.


Now what I did like about the book, the aliens. It was good to see sometime a little different.
The only issue I had with the aliens was I felt like I was reading a bad Stephanie Meyer The Host fan-fiction towards the end.


The book started strong, had a great idea and then fizzled, which is sad because I love anything to do with aliens usually. Perhaps the second one will be better?